Press Release

World Toilet Day

Countdown to Kumbh Mela 2019 has begun. On the occasion of World Toilet Day on 19th November2018, Kumbh Mela Pradhikaran invited all Swachh Kumbh stakeholders-sanitation workers, villagevolunteers(Swachhagrahis), department staffs and implementation partners for an evening full of fun,team - building and sensitization activities on the bank of Sangam to celebrate the national agenda of Swachh Bharat.Celebration of World Toilet Day witnessed widescale participation Around 800 Safai Karmis, 200 Swachhagrahis and staffs across departments engaged for Swachh Kumbh.

The event started with the Swachh Kumbh pledge and the orientation of Swachhagrahis regarding the toilet technology being installed in the Kumbh Mela.The Swachhagrahis were full of curiosity during the demonstration of various toilet types and technologies of waste treatment. The team also took out a rally for mass sensitisation of pilgrims visiting the Mela.The Swachhagrahis took the ground with slogans promoting the usage of toilets to keep the Mela area clean and open - defecation free.

The first game for the day was “Kill the Germ”. All participants were thrilled with fun while hitting the germ devils with flush balls.After that the team of Swachhagrahis, Safai Karmis and staff played “Lota Race”. Participants had to run with a mug filled with water without spilling. The next game was 4 legged race. Members of different departments had to run with their legs tied together to promote team bonding. The final game was “Tug - of - War”. The enthusiasm with which the teams participated was contagious.Towards the end of games and activities, the team members were drawn together.

World Toilet Day celebration was also joined by the first Swachh Kumbh Champ Mr Sanjiv and Mrs Archana Tripathi who addressed the gathering regarding the importance of changing our perspective towards waste because our waste is our responsibility.

The event of World Toilet Day brought together all the sanitation stakeholders and filled them withthe much required energy and enthusiasm required for making a Swachh Kumbh 2019 possible.

Monday, 19 Nov 2018