Making of Kumbh

To make Kumbh 2019 an event of unparalleled grandeur, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has undertaken multiple measures for ensuring the efficient running of the Mela. Unprecedented sustainable construction work is being done. Construction of flyovers, railway under bridges, road widening in the city and beautification of major intersections are few highlights of the massive construction and upgradation tasks being undertaken to make Prayagraj ready for Kumbh 2019.

All departments of the Government are carrying out development works. These include key initiatives of upgradation of Railway Stations and the construction of the new Prayagraj Civil Airport to cater to the incoming pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. Further, National Highways Authority of India is rebuilding and upgrading major Highways connecting Prayagraj to Pratapgarh, Raebareli, and Varanasi. Pilgrims will also have the convenience of point-to-point ferry rides to travel to the bathing ghats as the Inland Waterways Authority of India is building five Jetties.

116 roads are being constructed and widened by Public Works Department (PWD). Parking spots are being constructed at short distances from the Sangam. More than 84 parking places have been identified, 18 of which are being developed as satellite towns, replete with public conveniences and vending zones, to enhance the experience of Pilgrims. More than 524 shuttle buses and many CNG auto rickshaws are to be deployed for carrying pilgrims. About 54 holding areas are being developed which will be used for waiting and resting of visitors at different areas in the city.

For systematic and smooth traffic management, digital signage have been planned in the Mela area, city and conveyance areas. For maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, and to host an open-defecation-free Kumbh, more than one lakh toilets have been planned to be deployed. These will be complemented by modern techniques for septage management. Solid waste is to be collected in 20,000 dustbins that are to be deployed and will be transported out of the Mela area by tippers and compactors deployed accordingly.

To provide a truly Divya and Bhavya experience, the mela area is being lit by setting up more than 40,700 thousand LED lights.

To facilitate tourists, a city of 4,200 premium tents is being established on PPP model. This tent-city will also be the hub of cultural events. In order to facilitate pilgrims Pandals are being set up in each sector. For hosting cultural programs on a mega scale, the Ganga Pandal is being setup. Convention halls are being built across the mela area. Some of the innovative new attractions at Kumbh will include theme-based Gates, Laser Shows, Paint My City Campaign and Heli-tourism.

Traffic management at Kumbh 2019 is planned to ensure coordination of traffic movement on multiple channels which will be integrated with google maps as well before the Mela. In order to facilitate visitors, new deployment of telecommunication services, banking services and water ATMs are being carried out for the entire mela area. Modern technology equipped Integrated Command and Control Center for managing the security of visitors is being set up. This will also include setting up 1,000 CCTV cameras in the entire mela area for better monitoring and mitigations of risks that can lead to potential disasters.

Tent City in Kumbh Mela

  • 4,200 premium tents for tourist will be built and operated on PPP basis.
  • Public accommodation, with a capacity of 20,000 beds
  • Ganga Pandal, with a capacity to accommodate 10,000 people, used for organizing cultural, spiritual and official programmes with State-of-the-art facilities
  • Four Convention halls, with modern and contemporary décor for each zone
  • A Pravachan Pandal with a capacity for 2,000 persons will also be built in the Mela area for organizing religious and spiritual programs


  • More than 1,22,000 toilets
  • More than 20,000 dustbins with liner bags
  • More than 15,000 sanitation workers
  • 40 Compactors and 120 Tippers for disposal of waste
  • More than 2,000 Ganga Praharis/Swacchagrahis are being engaged as foot soldiers

Traffic Planning

  • 300 kms roads in the Mela area
  • 1,795 Pontoons to be used for developing 22 Pontoon bridges
  • More than 84 parking areas for parking of more than 5 lakh vehicles
  • 54 holding areas for crowd control during Mela period
  • 524 shuttle buses and thousands of CNG autos will be deployed
  • More than 2,000 digital signages


  • 40,700 L.E.D Lights
  • 1,030 Km L.T Line
  • 105 Km Hypertension Line
  • 175 High Masts
  • 54 Temporary Sub Stations
  • 2,80,000 Camp Connections

Drainage/ Sewerage

  • 150 Km HDPE Pipe Line
  • 850 Km Drains
  • 100 Trolley Mounted Diesel Pumps

Drinking Water

  • 5000 Stand Posts
  • 800 Km Pipe Line
  • 200 Water ATM
  • 150 Water Tankers
  • 100 Hand pumps

Vending Zones

  • Theme-based vending zones for food stalls, grocery stalls, clothes, and utensil stalls etc.
  • Online stall allotment system to ensure online registration and identification of vendors


  • Beautification of important roads
  • Planting of 2 lakh plants (with pots)
  • Thematic Gates, Flags, Selfie points
  • Beautification of major approach roads within a radius of 10 km from Prayagraj city
  • Lighting and infrastructure development of important government buildings and other big private buildings

Police Plan

  • 4 Police lines
    • 40 police stations
    • 3 female police stations
    • 62 police out posts
  • 40 Fire fighting centres
  • 15 fire out posts
  • 40 watch towers
  • Over 1,000 cameras

Civil Supplies

  • Ration cards to access civil supplies for over 10 lakh Kalpvaasis
  • Permits to access civil supplies for Akharas and Religious Organizations

Other Highlights

  • Upgradation of 9 railway stations
  • Development of 9 ROBs
  • Expansion of 6 RUBs
  • A new terminal is being constructed at the Prayagraj Civil Airport
  • NHAI is rebuilding and upgrading
    • Prayagraj – Pratapgarh Highway
    • Raebareli – Prayagraj Highway
    • Varanasi – Prayagraj Highway
  • Inland Waterways Authority of India is building Jetties at 5 places and is planning to start point to point ferry services for Pilgrims