Lost and Found

The Mela authority along with the police department is establishing 15 high-tech Lost and Found registration centers across the Mela area. These centres will facilitate the lost pilgrims to reunite with their families and friends. This facility will provide digital registration of lost pilgrims at all centers and assist the pilgrims to unite with their kins through below mentioned features:

  • Lost person (not carrying mobile) can call and connect with their family/friends through help of Lost and Found centre
  • Lost/missing persons information including the centre name/location where the person is situated at will be displayed at every Lost and Found centre to help family/ friends trace the missing person
  • Public address announcement at the centres for all lost/missing people
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) postings of Lost and Found individuals
  • Police support if lost persons are not claimed by their family/friends within 12 hours

List of Lost and Found Center

Sr.No Sector Location
1. Sector 3 Near Pull No.1
2. Sector 4 Near Akshayvat Pandal
3. Sector 4 Model Center near SDM Office
4. Sector 5 Harushchandra Road near PDS Shop
5. Sector 6 Opposite Nagvasuki Thana
6. Sector 14 Near pull no. 14
7. Sector 17 Near Police Chowki Madhya
8. Sector 17 Near Police Chowki Uttari
9. Sector 18 Opposite Parmarth Niketan
10. Sector 19 Opposite Someshwar Mandir near Jal Nigam
11. Prayag Rly. Station
12. Prayagraj Junction
13. Jhunsi Bus Stand

  • Whenever you come to know about lost person immediately contact nearby local police department or our lost and found centres.
  • Ask for lodging of report of lost person.
  • Provide personal informations about the lost person.
  • For lodging the report of lost person , please furnish following informations to the officer concerned
  • Full name of lost person.
  • Date of Birth | Age and residential address .
  • Intimations about physical details of that person.
  • A recent photograph of the person, if available.
  • Clothes worn last time.
  • Place where lost person was seen last.
  • Whether he\she is facing any physical or mental problem.
  • Any identity proof such as Adhar Card, Voter Identity Card etc.
  • For contacting purposes mobile no.\whatsapp no. and e-mail I.D of family or friends.
  • Adults claiming the person (children or ladies) should be asked to furnish Identity Card unless it is clear that the child or lady recognizes the adult.
  • Prior to entrustment |transfer of children or ladies ensure that the guardian/caretaker is fit (for example, they are not in drunken state) on being doubtful controller of the Mela /local police may be consulted.
  • If family /caretaker is unfit to look after the person found then interference of police may be necessary.
  • Whenever lost persons (children /ladies) reunite with the family / caretaker, they will inform the centre officer, Mela Controller/local Police.
  • Unless and Untill the child is safe, details of the children should not be broadcasted publicly.
  • Prior to entrustment/ transfer of found person, please ensure that one copy of clear identity certification Adhar /voter card of family /caretaker should be collected and it is necessary that a clear acknowledgement signature of the receiver with date and time should also be taken on report form.