Emergency Services

To ensure safety of pilgrims measures have been taken up to fight against emergencies.

Fire service

Forty fire stations have been set up along with 15 fire outposts well equipped with the following

  • Medium and large capacity fire trucks
  • Water mist bikes and jeeps
  • Rescue and foam tender
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire ambulance
  • Breathing apparatus sets
  • In case of fire and emergency, give instant call to Mela Control & fire department at 100 /1920/ 101 / 9454405426.
  • In case of fire make a noise / shout fire alert to alert the nearby people / tents.
  • Stay calm in an emergency situation and with composed mind, using the nearby fire extinguishing equipment keeping a safe distance and without putting yourself in a danger, try to put out the fire. And always remember that fire and smoke are faster than you, so work faster but do not panic and get confused.
  • Always try to identify and remember your closest exit routes and use them in case of emergency.
  • Pay attention to all the public announcements and always remain watchful.
  • Learn your firefighting equipments so well that it can be used correctly in case of fire.
  • Keep a sufficient amount of sand and water in the drum along with basket which can be used to put out the fire if the fire breaks out.
  • Try to take out the persons / children as quickly as possible from the fire-laden pandal / tents. And immediately cut down the ropes holding the tents/pandal. Collapsing the tents / pandal to prevent the fire to spread further. Make sure before cutting the rope of pandal / tents no person is left inside the pandal / tent. Make every effort to fight the fire by using the firefighting equipment / water / sand at nearby available means at that time.
  • In case of cylinder fire, instead of throwing cylinder on the floor try to bring it out in upright and standing position. Also try to cover the cylinder’s burning side with a heavy / wet cloth and try to stop the gas from leaking.
  • While fire department is coming, make every effort to fight the fire and keep yourself safe.
  • In this regards, your consciousness and alertness are the main security.
  • Always keep your surroundings clean and take part in fire safety training programs and drills for fire prevention.
  • Do not store flammable materials in excess such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, gas, candle, wood etc. in the tent.
  • Do not use sub-standard and leaked gas in pandals and tents and do not fix the gas cylinders into the ground.
  • Never use plastic and synthetic fabrics to make tents.
  • Do not use open fire, burning stove and havan-kund in pandal and tents.
  • Do not use bare and torn electronic wires in pandals and do not use heaters or any overloaded electrical equipment.
  • Do not use bidi, cigarette, chillam etc in tents and beds, and after burning do not throw the burning match stick in the negligent way and ensure before throwing, whether or not it has been extinguished properly.
  • Do not fill oil in burning lamp, stove, lantern, gas light, and do not use petrol or excessive inflammable substance in the stove.
  • Do not cook food in the open during the high air and do not heat the bonfire in the open field during the strong wind.
  • Do not move around with a lamp, candle or open burning fire.
  • Do not leave the fire or the stove in open & unattended, ensure to put the water besides extinguishing it.
  • Do not sit near the havan pond, stove or pot wearing synthetic or fiber made clothes.
  • Do not go to any place from where you cannot come out easily.
  • After burning bidi,cigarettes etc. do not throw the match stick negligently around here and there. Before throwing it, be sure that the match stick was extinguished correctly.
  • Do not damage firefighting equipment installed for water pipeline and fire safety.
  • Do not gather in crowd; do not obstruct the movement of emergency vehicles.
  • Do not park your vehicles in the middle of the road. This can delay the help from reaching you.
  • Never block the emergency roads.
  • Do not panic while reporting fire.
  • Do not interfere in the work of the Fire Department.

Your consciousness and alertness are the main safety.

Police and emergency service manpower

A huge manpower has been deployed for the security of Kumbh Mela 2019. Forces such as civil police, traffic police, armed police, coy of central paramilitary force, Jal police, watchman and home guards have been deployed.

Watch tower

To closely monitor crowd and events for emergency hazards, 40 watch towers have been installed in the vicinity of Kumbh Mela.


In case of emergencies, special evacuation plans have been integrated with the design for each ghat.

Integrated command and control centres (ICCC)

This system is used to integrate multiple departments to provide a monitoring platform. In case of emergencies, the information can be disseminated to all the concerned departments with the help of 2 established ICCCs.